Create a Super account

Signup for Super. It is free and only takes a few seconds.

Setup Amazon Associate tracking ID

Save your Amazon Associate tracking ID in your Super account settings. If you have not signed up Amazon Associate yet, you can create an Amazon Associates account anytime - its free.

Create a widget

Login to your Super account to create a widget. Select a widget type as per your requirements. You can create as many widgets you want.

Import Amazon products

Import products from Amazon into your widget by simply providing the Amazon product page link URL. Super will automatically populate the widget with product data (title, images, pricing etc.)

Customize widget

You can personalize the widget to match your website.

Embed widget

Paste the widget code in your blog post, sidebar or anywhere on your website. You can even share it on social media. The widget gets displayed on your site with products from Amazon.


When your users click the widget they get redirected to Amazon with your tracking ID. You get paid for all the sales your refer. Clicks, orders and commissions can be tracked in your Amazon Associates dashboard.